The Staff at RBSA
Located at:
38767 Rehoboth Bay Sailing Assoc. La.
Dewey Beach, DE 19971
Mail to:
PO Box 483, Rehoboth Beach DE 19971
Email to:
Phone: 302-227-9008



Sailing School

Benefits of Membership in RBSA


  • Free and easy access to all of Rehoboth Bay… one of the finest confined bodies of water on the East Coast for small boat sailing.
  • Boat Storage – On site sailboat storage is available to all members 365 day a year. Click here to review Storage Policy and Fees.
  • Reduced rates on boat rentals, sailing clinics, etc. - Click here to review Sailboat Rental Fees.
  • Use of all facilities:
      · Marina – 16 deep-water slips are available for sailboats boats up to 28'.
      · Boat lift – a 2000# electric hoist is available to launch your sailboat from its trailer to the marina.
      · Shower and bathrooms – Available for both men and women to clean-up after a day on the water.
      · Trailer tug – An electric “golf cart” with trailer couplings fore and aft is available to shuttle your boat and trailer to and from the launch site.
      · Running fresh water (boat washing) – Numerous hose bibs are located throughout the property.
      · 110V Electric power available for working on your boat – Enough said!
  • Club House Usage – Subject to availability, the clubhouse may be rented for those special events. Click here to review clubhouse usage policy.
  • Racing program - Click here to review scheduled races for 2017.
  • Club social events - Click here to review Calendar of planned Social Events for 2017.

  • For more information on types of memberships available and associated fees click here.

  • To obtain a membership application click here.

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