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Club Usage Policy


The Rehoboth Beach Sailing Association (RBSA) has an attractive Clubhouse featuring a spectacular view of the bay and marshes. While the RBSA will allow the use of the Clubhouse on a limited basis for private member functions in accord with the policies and procedures described below, it should be understood that the Association's primary obligations are: (1) to ensure that the Clubhouse and Club facilities are available for the use and enjoyment of all of its members, particularly during the summer season, (2) to schedule and hold sailing events and activities for the membership, (3) to ensure that the private use of the Clubhouse by a member has the least impact on the membership in general, and (4) to ensure the safety and security of members, guests, and Club and member property. It should be noted clearly that RBSA is not in the "business" of renting the Clubhouse nor does it employ staff to run private member events. As such, the individual RBSA member who is approved to hold a private event is required to: (1) assume all responsibility for preparing the Clubhouse and its facilities for the event, including necessary supplies, (2) be on-site to monitor the event for its entire duration, including any pre-event setup or post-event clean up time, and (3) ensure that Clubhouse is cleaned, properly secured, and available for use by the general membership within the time period specified in the approved agreement between the RBSA and the member.:

  • Life, Sustaining, and Regular RBSA members in good standing may request the use of the Clubhouse for private events having 20 or more attendees. (Non- member private events are not permitted.)
  • No private events having 20 or more attendees will be permitted on any weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) including Memorial Day weekend, all weekends from June 15th through Labor Day, or during the time of any other scheduled Club event.
  • The maximum total number of guests at any private event at RBSA cannot exceed 125.
  • All approved private events must terminate by midnight.
  • Requests for the use of the RBSA Clubhouse for any event with 20 or more attendees must be made by completing the RBSA Clubhouse Use Application Form and be accompanied by a check for the appropriate fee plus security deposit.
  • Applications for events with 50 or more attendees must be made at least 60 days in advance and will require approval of the RBSA Board of Directors. Applications for events with 20 to 49 guests should be made as early as possible, but not less than 30 days in advance, and can be approved by the Club Usage Committee Chair.
  • Provided that they do not conflict with any other scheduled Club event, RBSA members in good standing may hold a private event with 10 to 19 attendees without charge provided that they first inform and receive approval of either the Club Manager, or the Club Administrator, or the Commodore and/or his/her designate and abide by the member responsibilities cited in the Introduction.

  • EVENT FEE: The following fee schedule shall apply (per day) for ny private event with 20 or more attendees: $100 base fee plus $5 per attendee.
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT: A $500 security deposit is required for all events with 20 or more attendees. The Commodore and/or his/her designate will inspect the Clubhouse the day following the private event, ideally with the member present, to determine if the facility has been returned within the time period specified in the approved agreement and without damage, in a clean, neat, and orderly condition, including all trash having been put into the Club provided dumpster. Should damage have been caused or the Club left in a condition requiring action by the Club (i.e., not cleaned, trash not removed, etc.) requisite amount of the security deposit will be retained by the Club and any and all remaining amounts returned to the member within 30 days.
  • Members holding larger events or who are not familiar with the Club facilities or who are unable to carry out the requisite post-event cleanup and securing the facility are encouraged to employ, at their expense, qualified individual(s) or firms who can provide such assistance and so notify the Club.
  • Members holding private events at the Clubhouse at which alcohol beverages are provided are responsible for obtaining the proper event permit should such be required.
  • Members are reminded that off-season and after hours during season there are no staff present and the Clubhouse is locked and the entrance gate closed. It is the responsibility of the member approved to hold the private event to ensure that caterers, florists, cleaning crews, delivery trucks, and/or others they employ for the event have necessary access and are properly supervised.
  • These policies and procedures may be amended at any time, without notice, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.